5 Best Soft Panniers for Adventure Bikes

29 Jan, 2024   
5 Best Soft Panniers for Adventure Bikes

If you want to go on a trip riding on an adventure bike, it’s essential that you take soft pannier luggage with you on the ride. They’re less expensive than hard boxes, safer, more flexible, and easier to adjust than hard panniers. Hard panniers are also more likely to break in an accident. That means going soft is a good idea for riders who want to do more off-road riding than tarmac riding.

Keep in mind that not all soft motorcycle luggage panniers are the same. You should ensure that the soft luggage pannier matches your bike, your budget, and the way you ride. This article will help you choose the best soft luggage pannier for you.

In this article, we will provide a list of the 5 best soft panniers for adventure bikes to help you pick the right gear for your trip.

1. Mosko Moto Back Country Panniers

Mosko Moto is an American company that is fairly new to the motorcycle luggage market, but they have already earned the top spot for soft panniers. They make tough, long-lasting, high-quality gear. The bags make it clear that their gear is designed for off-road adventure rides. These are a good choice if you want high-quality gear and plan to spend most of your time in rough terrain or take them with you around the world on a trip.

The panniers feature a double-bag system. The inner bag can be taken off and used as a dry bag, while the outer bag protects the dry bag. The racked panniers have a “quick-mount wedge system” that lets you take them off and put them back on without straps. The bags are fixed to the racks so they don’t move around when the road is rough, and there are no over-seat straps.


  • Amazing rackless panniers and frame-mounted bags for adventure riders 
  • Gear of the highest quality
  • Can be used in different ways
  • Come with pockets and extra attachable storage pouches 

2. Giant Loop RTW Panniers

Giant Loop has been making motorcycle gear for a long time, so they know how to make good stuff. The US company is best known for its rackless horseshoe system, but they also make big, durable RTW panniers for bikers who want to go all the way around the world. 

You can clip the RTW bags to your pannier racks. The panniers clip on and off easily and don’t need straps. They attach to the rack for panniers with a quick-release mechanism. 


  • Giant Loop makes rackless panniers and panniers that clip on and off
  • The company has a good reputation for making great bike gears
  • Simple in style
  • It works well on a lot of bikes

3. Lone Rider MotoBags Semi-Rigid Panniers

Lone Rider MotoBags are soft panniers that are only partially rigid. The panniers from Lone Rider are expensive but of good quality, and the manufacturer says the panniers are totally waterproof. The entire package features two pannier bags, two inner dry bags that can be taken off and put back on, two universal mounting plates with all the parts you need to connect them to your rack, and two locks.

These are the largest panniers in this list. They have MOLLE straps, which means you can add even more gear to them. As far as soft panniers go, these are the most like hard luggage you can get. If you want something in the middle with a lot of room, these could be the ones for you. The panniers come with all the fittings and racks you need.


  • Comes with fittings and racks 
  • Has waterproof inside bags
  • You can lock the bags
  • When not in use, you can fold the bags down flat
  • Very tough and durable
  • Has more capacity than most other soft panniers
  • Other smaller bags can be attached easily

4. Adventure Spec Magadan Panniers

Walter Colbatch, who is a famous adventure rider, developed the Adventure Spec Magadan Panniers. These panniers were made by someone who knows a lot about adventure motorcycle travel. These panniers were made to be tough and secure, yet simple. 

The Magadans keep the bags on the pannier racks with two Velcro straps that go over the seat of the pannier. You can take out the dry bag liner in these panniers and carry it with you into your hotel or tent without taking the panniers off their straps.


  • A legendary adventure rider designed it
  • The bags can’t be cut open because they have built-in PacSafe cables
  • Can be locked to the frame of the pannier
  • Easy to attach to the bike
  • Large pockets on the outside
  • Strong, long-lasting, and well-thought-out, yet simple

5. Wolfman Rocky Mountain Expedition Panniers

Wolfman is a well-known brand in the US. They claim that their RF-welded seams make their gear completely waterproof. They are built to last because the materials are very strong. The company has been manufacturing good quality soft panniers for a long time, which has earned them their reputation.

The Expedition bags are easy to fit because they can be quickly attached to most pannier racks. Another benefit is that they are small and easy to use. There are straps on the side of each bag that make it easy to attach another bag on top, and each bag holds between 30 and 32 liters. There is also a water bottle holster on its side. 

They come with a G-hook mount and feature a common strap, making the panniers easy to attach to a wide range of pannier racks. You can just put them over the back seat and strap them down, or you can attach them straight to the frame. 


  • A trusted, tried, and tested manufacturer
  • Tough and lasts a long time
  • The seams of these waterproof bags are RF-welded
  • Easy to attach to most pannier racks
  • Can hold up to 64 liters of stuff
  • Simple to add more bags to the panniers

Final Words

Selecting the right soft pannier is essential for an exciting adventure biking experience. The aforementioned best five, from the durable Wolfman Rocky Mountain Expedition to the versatile Adventure Spec Magadan, showcase the evolution of these panniers. These soft panniers balance durability, capacity, and user-friendliness to ensure a smooth and pleasurable ride, whether overcoming off-road challenges or riding down scenic routes. As you go on your next adventure, the right soft pannier is more than simply a storage solution; it is a valuable companion that adds to your convenience and enjoyment of the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are soft panniers as durable as hard cases?

While not as rigid, modern soft panniers are made of strong materials like ballistic nylon and offer excellent durability, especially in off-road conditions.

Can soft panniers withstand rain and water crossings?

Yes, many soft panniers are designed to be waterproof or come with rain covers, ensuring your belongings stay dry even in challenging weather.

Are soft panniers easy to install and remove?

Yes, most soft panniers feature user-friendly mounting systems, allowing for quick installation and removal, making them convenient for on-the-go adjustments.

Do soft panniers make it harder to turn the bike?

Because they are light and flexible, soft panniers don’t make it harder to move the bike, so you can use them in different riding situations.

Can soft panniers be used on any adventure bike model?

Many soft panniers are designed to be versatile and compatible with various adventure bike models, but it’s essential to check compatibility with your specific motorcycle model.

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