How to maximize the fuel efficiency of your sports motorbike?

29 Mar, 2023   
How to maximize the fuel efficiency of your sports motorbike?

A bike or a scooter is the most feasible transportation option in a country like Bangladesh, specifically in Dhaka, where the streets are congested with heavy traffic and cramped lanes. The expense of owning a two-wheeler is gradually increasing due to the rising fuel cost. This is why motorcyclists today examine the fuel efficiency of a bike before purchasing it. 

However, this does not imply that your bike will always perform similarly. To guarantee your sports bike’s fuel efficiency, you must adhere to specific guidelines and take appropriate care of the vehicle. Here in this blog, we will discuss all the essential tips about sports bike fuel efficiency that you should follow. 

A cool design and a thrilling riding experience are a thing that often comes to mind when we are speaking about sports bike. However, with rising fuel prices it is extremely important to maximize fuel efficiency. So today here in this blog we are going to talk about how to maximize the fuel efficiency of your sports motorbike.

How to maximize the fuel efficiency of your sports motorbike? 

Do Not Miss Regular Bike Servicing

Most of us believe that routine bike maintenance is not all that significant. They hardly ever do this every three or six months. However, some maintenance tasks need to be carried out regularly. 

For instance, use the proper chain lubricant to lubricate the chain. Making a habit of doing this once every 500 kilometers is wise. Regular chain lubrication and cleaning are necessary for these vehicles.

When it comes to routine bike maintenance, a variety of factors are taken into account. In a typical maintenance session, the condition of the engine, air filter, clutch setting, engine, chain condition, chain lubrication, and many other items are checked. Absence from these meetings will reduce performance and shorten the life cycle. 

Since most of the bike’s parts are examined during maintenance, the bike’s life and performance are improved. Therefore, do not skip routine maintenance appointments.

Use Fresh and Clean Fluids

You’ll be relieved to learn that replacing your engine, coolant, and transmission oil can also increase fuel efficiency if you previously believed these changes were exclusively for preventive maintenance. 

Your engine can spin smoothly without unneeded friction thanks to the appropriate lubrication that fresh oils give to the engine and transmission. On the other side, new coolant can keep your engine running at its ideal temperature, improving fuel efficiency during combustion. 

By keeping your engine in good condition for your next ride, all of these modifications will aid in enhancing the fuel efficiency of your sports bike.

Inflate Bikes Tires

Make sure you check the tire pressure every time you fill up your bike. Most of us frequently overlook the motorcycle’s tires, although the tires are one of the main contributors to how effectively your motorcycle can operate. 

Because there is more rubber in contact with the road when a tire is underinflated, there is more rolling resistance. As a result, your engine will have to work more to accelerate you up to speed.

You may improve fuel efficiency by increasing tire pressure by reducing the amount of rubber that contacts the ground. Remember to fill your tires to the owner’s manual’s suggested pressure. 

Never inflate your tires more than 2 to 3 psi above the recommended pressure to prevent a severe loss of traction.

Ride Your Bike Defensively

Sports motorcycles are built for speed. However, using its potential on a racetrack rather than on public roads makes sense. You should refrain from riding rapidly on public roadways for two straightforward reasons. 

First of all, it is unsafe. And secondly, the bike will use more petrol the quicker you go. This implies a decrease in the total fuel efficiency of sports bikes.

You should ride your bike defensively for the best possible fuel efficiency. On average, this can be accomplished by cycling between 40 and 55 kph, avoiding frequent braking, sudden acceleration, etc. High levels of fuel consumption are the outcome of abrupt acceleration.

Maintaining composure in stressful circumstances, avoiding excessive speeding, and riding safely.

Be Careful about Your Traffic Lights

Most of us tend to keep the bike on at all traffic lights, or even at traffic intersections for that matter, which is why this one made it to the top. This frequently occurs during the day, and we often squander a significant amount of fuel. 

Therefore, the best action is to switch off the ignition and wait for traffic to move or for the signal to turn green.

Clean Your Sports Bike’s Fuel System

The combustion quality and your fuel economy deteriorate when the fuel system is inefficient. A thorough cleaning of the fuel injectors, which will improve fuel spray and fuel delivery, is beneficial for motorcycles with electronic fuel injection (EFI).

Motorcycles with carburetors, on the other hand, might benefit from a thorough carburetor cleaning and a subsequent proper tune-up. Fuel economy is increased as a result of the fuel delivery being restored to ideal conditions.

Sports bikes typically have the most stylish designs. Most young people in Bangladesh desire one because of the bike’s aspirational appearance, full fairing, aggressive riding position, and performance. But once you have it, keeping it is a challenge for several reasons. 

However, its operating expenses, or the gasoline, matter most. There are a few strategies to lower the gasoline price, even if you must spend a few thousand rupees a month on fuel. Here, we provide you with a few.


How can I increase my sports bike fuel efficiency?

To increase your sports bike fuel efficiency, you can follow the following steps:

  • Do Not Miss Regular Bike Servicing
  • Use fresh and Clean Fluids
  • Inflate Bikes Tires
  • Ride Your Bike Defensively
  • Be Careful about Your Traffic Lights
  • Clean Your Sport Bike Fuel System

For more details, you can read this blog. For bike price-related information, you can also visit our motorbike price in Bangladesh

What is the most fuel efficient speed for a sports bike?

All motorcycles, without exception, have superior fuel economy when cruising at slower speeds. Peak fuel efficiency typically happens between 30 and 35 mph. This is an unsafe and unpractical pace for the highway, but the point is that slower is always preferable in terms of fuel efficiency.

Are sports bike fuel efficient?

As riders are aware, motorbikes or sports bike may be an affordable mode of transportation. Even larger three and four-cylinder bikes are capable of 40 to 50 mpg, which is still far better than the crossover used by the average motorist.

How to reduce fuel consumption in sports bikes?

To increase your sports bike fuel efficiency, you can follow the following steps:

  • Do Not Miss Regular Bike Servicing
  • Use fresh and Clean Fluids
  • Inflate Bikes Tires
  • Ride Your Bike Defensively
  • Be Careful about Your Traffic Lights
  • Clean Your Sport Bike Fuel System

For more details, you can read this blog. You can also visit our BikeGuide site for bike price-related information. 

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